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The entire academic cummunity’s commintment will help to enhance the *Poznań University of Economics and Business* high standing in research and education. As a leading economic school in Poland, the Poznan University of Economics and Business will strengthen its position in the international arena. In 2020 it will be a modern and a widely recognisable university which creates favourable conditions for conducting academic research and teaching undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. Priority will be given to those research projects and those fields and forms of educational activity which boost the University’s PRESTIGE, provide a considerable opportunity to access sources of finance, and improve alumni’s chances in a competitive job market.


As one of the oldest economic universities in Poland, with a reputation for excellence in research and education, the Poznań University of Economics and Business will strive to strengthen its opinion-forming and advisory role.


The Poznań University of Economics and Business will be an efficiently manager institution which has been able to overcome problems caused by population decline. It will set itself goals that will make it possible to best satisfy the needs of the local, national and international economy. As an attractive employer, the Poznań University of Economics and Business will help its staff as well as undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students to realize their aspirations.



We are an academic community that wants to enhance the PRESTIGE of the Poznań University of Economics and Business. We conduct research which significantly advances knowledge in the field of economic and related sciences. By educating undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, we train highly qualified staff that will be able to conduct research activity and effectively meet the challenges of the labour market.


We identify with the Poznań University of Economics and Business, one of Poland’s leading economic schools whose significance is increasing in the international arena, voice our opinions and offer our advice on important economic issues.

The principal values fostered by the Poznań University of Economics and Business are:

Truth, reliability, effectiveness, respect, transparency, innovativeness, friendliness


Seeking the truth is a primary goal of any academic research, which should be accompanied by a reliable transmission of the knowledge discovered. Research conducted at the Poznań University of Economics and Business is characterized by effectiveness, which makes it possible to raise necessary funds for research and supports staff’s and students’ academic development. Meeting the challenges of the labour market requires a flexible educational offer at all levels of study. Research activity and student education, accompanied by respect for different views and transparency of procedures and behavior, are conducted in an atmosphere of friendliness. An especially important aspect of the University’s research and education activity is the innovativeness of its research and teaching methods.