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National D-type visa

As the decision process lasts about 15 days we advise students to apply for a visa at least two months before the academic year starts.

Cost about $75

The Applicant shall present the original and a photocopy of each document with the visa application.

a) Passport - must be signed by the holder and remain valid for at least 3 months after the date of intended departure from Poland. There must be at least one blank visa page. No corrections and observations concerning the personal data or validity of the passport will be accepted.

b) Clear photocopy of passport's data page and photocopies of pages with visas issued to the passport must be attached.

c) 2 recent photographs (35mm x 45 mm) sharp, in color, printed on high-quality paper with a light background, "en face", both sides of the face should be visible, with no headdress nor dark glasses. Picture must present a person from top of head to shoulders. Only one of the photos shall be permanently affixed to the application. Second shall be submitted separately.

d) Original of birth certificate and marriage certificate (if married) with clear photocopies.

e) The travel health insurance, valid in all Schengen Member States for the whole period of intended travel, covering medical expenses to the amount of minimum of 30, 000 Euro, issued by a reputable Insurance company. The photocopy of the insurance must also be attached.

f) flight reservation (booking of round-trip ticket with fixed dates).

g) proof of financial means in the country of residence;

h) proof of employment: bank statements;

i) proof of real estate property;

j) proof of integration into the country of residence: family ties; professional status.

k) consent of parental authority or legal guardian (when a minor does not travel with them);

l) a certificate of enrolment at an educational establishment for the purposes of attending vocational or theoretical courses within the framework of basic and further training; acceptance letter from the University in Poland, confirming preliminary enrollment to a specific faculty and payment of the tuition fee for at least first full year of studies.
m) Sponsors letter (with physical address, telephone number, e-mail) specifying the relation of the sponsor of the studies to the Applicant, affirming clearly the responsibility of the sponsor for financing of all of the costs of studies and stay in Poland, for the whole intended period of studies. The sponsor's bank statement presenting the transactions on the Applicant's account of at least last 3 months, proving sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the intended studies and proving financial credibility.
n) The original of the senior secondary school certificate superlegalized and confirmed as original and lawfully issued and obtained, by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Applicant's country. The original confirmation letter from Ministry of Education of the Applicant's country, confirming that the results obtained at the senior secondary school examination and the certificate itself, qualify the holder for the admission to study at any university in Applicant's own country. The confirmation letter shall identify the certificate in question referring to the name of the candidate, date of birth, the certificate number, issuing authority and its date of issuance.